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An initiative of DesignDhanush Studio & Consultancy LLP. and IKIIS - Indradhanu Knowledge and Idea Investment Services

What is Kalpanik?
Kalpanik is a platform where an inventor/innovator can pitch in with his/her idea, get it evaluated for it's potential, work with us to bring it to a presentable format for the prospective buyers and get rewarded for his/her CREATIVITY.



Who can join?
Anyone who has an Idea - even in a sketch or doodle format OR even with a working prototype.



Why to join?
Join us if you want to take your IDEA to the next level which will be PHENOMENAL...!!!

We are commited to make sure that the selected innovative idea sees a daylight and the inventor/innovator is rewarded for his/her CREATIVITY.


Do you have a
Great idea
and don't know what to do with it?


Our offer:

Idea ---> Refinement ---> Market study ----> Idea presentation ---> Rewards

Step 1
Make up your mind. Do you want to share the idea or take it with you to your grave.
Step 2
Share your idea with us to get a review of possible improvements and market potential of the idea.
Step 3
Let us work on your idea to bring it in a presentable format and shortlist potential buyers for it.
Step 4
Present your idea with us to the potential buyers and strike a deal.
Step 5
Stay connected with the ongoing development of the idea till it sees a daylight

Charges till Step 2 (INR 1,500/- only)


What you get for sure in returns for the Fixed charges is:

1. Estimated market size and estimated market return on idea.

2. Design insights and possible directions for improvements

3. Estimation of charges for Step 3 to 5 (estimation will include Prototyping charges).

4. Time estimation for reaching to the rewards of Step 5

5. Lead of five patent attorney - in case the idea needs IP protection


For further details feel free to CONTACT US

Useful information

  • MSME - Design Clinic
    To assist local enterprises with engaging external design expertise in the form of consultancy erprise
  • TEPP funding for projects

    Unattached independent innovators like micro and small entrepreneurs working on new designs. Start-up firms / incubated firms with turnover less than Rs. 45.00 lakhs

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