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Help yourself with the check-list to get the best out of us. One thing we surely appreciate which is...


in design brief



C1: Evaluate - is it a wish, dream, an idea or a concept?


C2: What do you have; a doodle, a sketch, an engineering drawing, realistic rendering, soft 3D model, prototype,
existing product for re-design, photograph or a patent?


C3: Is it a well-known technology or new? If new, did you validat it?


C4: Do you know the sources of the required technology?


C5: What should be the unique selling proposition (USP) for your proposed product/service?


C6: What is the user and buyer profile of the proposed product/service?


C7: What is the scenario/surrounding for the proposed product/service when in use?


C8: Are you looking to just compete or are you ready to become a Pole shifter?


C9: What is the expected volume of production?


C10: What is the realistic time-line of the project?


Please Note: If you don't have even a doodle for your proposed product/service then put it in straight forward words. We are always ready to take on challenging design briefs and will start working with you right from scratch. The above check-list is just to highlight some of the points which might come-up in our initial discussion. Starting with the clarity in answers to similar questions will help us serve you better.


In any case feel free to write to us with your queries and/or suggestions.

Useful information

  • MSME - Design Clinic
    To assist local enterprises with engaging external design expertise in the form of consultancy erprise
  • TEPP funding for projects

    Unattached independent innovators like micro and small entrepreneurs working on new designs. Start-up firms / incubated firms with turnover less than Rs. 45.00 lakhs

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