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  • idea to prototype
  • product design, industrial design
  • visualization
  • visualization
  • innovative concepts
  • rendering services
  • idea to product
  • innovative options
  • market survey for product positioning
  • product design and engineering
  • engineering design services
  • 3d modeling CAD services
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  • Industrial Design
    Product Design

    User centric design approach
    Novel competitive aesthetic design
    Innovations by design
    Futuristic designs


  • Wish / Idea / Patent to Product

    The difference between a wish and idea is significant. Let us become that bridge between that idea/patent and concept/product.

  • CAD and Engineering Design

    Engineering design and detailing, mechanism design, model making, soft modelling, idea/concept visualization, Function proving models, Prototype

Our services

DesignDhanush is an Industrial design consultancy committed to provide you quality service in the areas of Product Design, Industrial Design, New product development, Idea to product, Prototype and 3D modelling.

Our Design consultancy services:

1.New product development - doodle/ idea/ wish/ dream/ concept/ Patent to product - Steps in New Product Development

  • Feasibility study
  • Market survey for competitor analysis and product positioning analysis
  • Idea to concept - various options to convert an idea in a real time product - realistic renderings
  • Mechanism, material and process selection/innovation
  • Finding suppliers for the standardized items of prototype
  • Prototype - Idea to product

2. Product Re-Design for excelling in the compeition - Product Design / Industrial Design

3. Product innovation

4. Engineering Design

5. CAD 3-D modelling and drafting

What is a Good Idea?

The one that happens is,
The one that doesn't, isn't.

- Paul Arden
in his book, 'Whatever you think, think the opposite.'

We believe in it. We understand that some ideas need an incubator before they blossom into a fruitful venture. We are open to listen to new ideas and take on challenging design briefs. Once we are clear with the feasibility of idea, we will stand by you till the realization of that idea in a product.

With creation of a business opportunity for our client, we are also committed to create a meaningful experience to the end user.

DesignDhanush offer our Industrial design and engineering design consultancy services to materialize your idea, a wish, even a dream. We work with you to convert a doodle in a realistic rendering and then into a real-time product. We are committed to design a valuable & meaningful experience for user while taking care of the aesthetic, material and process aspects of a product. We also do market research and tabulate our analysis for taking decision on product positioning or re-positioning.

Who we are

DesignDhanush Studio & Consultancy LLP, previously known as WITHDESIGN Consultancy Services; is a registered company pursuant to section 12(1) of the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. 

DesignDhanush Studio & Consultancy LLP hereafter referred as DesignDhanush; is an innovation and industrial design consultancy. 

We at DesignDhanush studio, believes that all it takes is an idea to make a difference. With a strong engineering background and with design expertise of Industrial Designers we know the difference between a wish, a dream and an idea. DesignDhanush team is capable of turning any of those things in a real time concept, prototype or product.

DesignDhanush understands the value of your idea and is bound to work with you on NDA basis. DesignDhanush believes in creating a valuable and meaningful experience for end users thus creating a great business for our clients.

We are a group of dynamic young Industrial Designers and Engineers. We also have manufacturing units as our associates.


Useful information

  • MSME - Design Clinic
    To assist local enterprises with engaging external design expertise in the form of consultancy erprise
  • TEPP funding for projects

    Unattached independent innovators like micro and small entrepreneurs working on new designs. Start-up firms / incubated firms with turnover less than Rs. 45.00 lakhs

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